llynx products & product development (OEM, ODM)

we offer several different business models that differ in depth and intensity of cooperation:

  • TPD: third party development (product is developed by llynx)
  • TPS: third party product supplier (product is developed & supplied by llynx)
  • JDP: joint development partnership (mutual development and collaboration)

Sensing/Algorithmix – LED-modules – Power Conversion

core technologies, products developed an successfully launched on market:

  • different power supplies/converters, LED drivers
  • dimmers (fully autonomous), controls
  • sensorics devices, active sensing (micora ™) – movement/presence detection, ambient light measurement
  • radio interface for dimmers, controls
  • GUI and HID for controls and dimmers (PC-side, APPs Smartphone)
  • LED modules, AC-LED modules fully TRIAC dimmable
  • concepts for proof of function and/or filing IP
  • WPT: wireless power transmission, WBC: wireless battery charge: product concepts