Our Markets and Applications


  • smart Sensing, WPT wireless power transmission,
  • WPC wireless power charge, IoT, open/close, security-systems

Hotel, Hotel Furniture Industry

  • Sensor-Light, Smart Lighting, Comfort-Lighting
  • controlling of Quality of Light by Brightness&Colour
  • for Rooms, for Corridors and General Areas

Professional and Office Buildings, Municipal / Residential Buildings

  • smart Light solutions, network and linked Lighting (DALI, DMX, ISM)
  • sensing solutions for Room and for Corridors
  • smart Lighting for Corridors, Stairways, sensor-lighting

Advertising / Smart Cities

  • smart Lighting for Advertising and illuminated Signage


llynx´ customers are the cutting-edge leading lighting-industry companies in the E.U., the U.S. and Japan


  • our customers and partners demand us to keep the required high level of non-disclosure and secrecy throughout the whole process of collaboration
  • this also implies not be listed as reference or an official partner
  • we therefore refrain from displaying any reference in written form

Your secrecy and fidelity is most valuable – product piracy is a major crime!
Therefore you will not find any datasheet or product description on this website!
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