Our company

llynx electronic was founded by Thomas Ondrisek in 2012 in Vienna.
We are an independent Austrian SME,

a small, dynamic and flexible electronics expert, we develop and manufacture electronics and LED modules.
Our strenghts are:

  • power conversion: converters, controllers, 5W – 800W,
    different topologies, staging and techniques; battery and WPT QI, WBC
  • LED modules: small, efficient, optics, IP65-68
  • sensing and controls: cutting edge technologies, we possess own IP for
    sensing of brightness, movement, presence, ALS ambient light sensing:
  • smart active sensing Micora™
  • implementation of one or many different sensing technologies into one application
  • communication: GSM, WiFi, BTLE, ISM, DALI, KNX
  • MPI: manufacturing, processing and industrialization
  • specialist for embedded algorithms, mathematics, statistics
  • specialist for complex embedded applications in Real-Time
  • specialist for application-development and -implementation
    – embedded µC, both analog and mixed-signal

We are the electronic device experts

  • development and manufacturing of smart controls and smart lighting
  • power conversion, LED Module, Network, IoT smart sensing micora™
    – and all combinations of technologies above in one application
  • partners in Europe, the U.S.A. and Japan